Maoliu Lin

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—This paper studies the systematic uncertainties of nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA) measurements and presents a covariance-matrix-based method to analyze the uncertainty propagation from calibration standards and hardware to error model terms and effective measurements. Analytic deductions of the Jacobians for frequency-domain quantities are(More)
—The step-recovery-diode-based impulse generator is a classical picosecond-level impulse-formation technique, whose strong harmonic nonlinearity under sinusoidal stimulus is widely utilized as the phase reference of the nonlinear vector network analyzer (VNA) (NVNA) and large-signal network analyzer for wideband measurements. This paper further exploits its(More)
For SAR signals with different frequency, the scattering characteristic of objects is generally different. Hence, more information can be obtained with multi-frequency SAR. It is easier to detect different targets by using multi-frequency PolSAR data, and even for the man-made targets in forest area. To effectively detect natural and man-made targets, the(More)
In this paper, we present a new fast Motion Estimation (ME) algorithm based on Markov Chain Model (MEMCM). Spatial-temporal correlation of video sequence and Markov Chain Model are used in the algorithm, which considers the continuity of video. Experimental simulation shows that the proposed algorithm has better performance in both speed-up and PSNR than(More)
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