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The zebrafish has many advantages as a vertebrate model organism and has been extensively used in the studies of development. Its potential as a model in which to study tumour suppressor and oncogene function is now being realized. Whilst in situ hybridization of mRNA has been well developed in this species to study gene expression, antibody probes are in(More)
Streptococcus suis is an important emerging zoonotic agent that causes acute bacterial meningitis in humans with high mortality and morbidity. Our previous work showed that factor H-binding protein (Fhb) contributed to virulence of S. suis, but the role of Fhb in the development of S. suis meningitis remained unclear. In this study, we demonstrated for the(More)
The identification of pathogen-associated molecular patterns, conserved microbial structures that act on Toll-like receptors, has led to a novel avenue of investigation aimed at developing a new generation of cancer immunotherapies. Ligation of Toll-like receptors results in the induction of robust immune responses that may be directed against(More)
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