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In recently years, the stability of Cellular Neural networks has attracted many researchers, and many different types of neural networks have been widely investigated. In this paper, sufficient conditions of stability for a class of neural networks with time-varying delay are developed, which are in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). An example is(More)
This paper presents an effective antenna array based on MUSIC algorithm for two-dimensional direction-of-arrival estimation of multiple narrow-band sources impinging on the far field of the antenna array. Compared with the previous work, the proposed array can improve the performance of MUSIC algorithm, such as it can resolve the incoming rays with very(More)
In Meshless natura1 neighbour Petrov-Galerkin method, The natural neighbour interpolation is used as trial function and a weak form over the local polygonal sub-domains constructed by Delaunay triangular is used to obtain the discretized system of equilibrium equations, and it’s a new truly meshless method. This method simplified the formation of the(More)
The moving least-square technique is used to construct shape function in the Element Free Galerkin Method at present, but sometimes the algebra equations system obtained from the moving least-square approximation is ill-conditioned and the shape function needs large quantity of inverse operation. In this paper, the weighted orthogonal functions are used as(More)
Indoor environmental pollution is closely related with people's health. In this paper, economic evaluation model was made by fuzzy mathematics. Economic lose for every given indoor environment could be calculated by this model. It provided a clear concept of pollution in the form of money to people and supplied corresponding science knowledge to related(More)
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