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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a novel technology, which is developed with the advancement of micro-electronic, computing, and wireless communication technology. WSNs has merits of distributed information processing, covering broadly, and remote monitoring and control. Considering the disperse deployment, wind power resource random and seasonal(More)
Data dissemination in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) has recently received considerable attention. Due to the unique characteristics of VANET, the implementation of reliable data dissemination among vehicles has encountered many challenges. In this paper, a reliable and efficient data dissemination scheme is presented. Relative locations between(More)
In this paper, it expounded in detail the principle of energy spectrum analysis based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Multi-resolution Analysis. In the aspect of study on feature extraction method, with investigating the feature of impact factor in vibration signals and considering the non-placidity and nonlinear of vibration diagnosis signals, this paper(More)
ADE7758, ATT7022B and MAXQ3180 are three kinds of Three-phase multifunctional energy metering IC. In the first place, this paper gives an introduction of the three chips on theory of operation. After that, particular contrast is carried out on performance. Finally, the conclusion is summarized. ADE7758 supplies per phase information, but it does not supply(More)
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