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On the basis of 103 SSR linkage map, QTLs associated with tassel branch number (TBN) and total tassel length (TTL) were studied by composite interval mapping with F3 families, which were developed from the cross N87-1 x 9526 and surveyed for phenotype under normal condition (CK) and drought-stress environment (DS). Four QTLs on chromosomes 2, 5, 7, and 10,(More)
microRNA (miRNAs) is a newly identified class of 20-24 nt non-protein-coding and endogenous small RNA, which plays an important role in plant growth, development and response to environmental stresses. Combined with bioinformatic method, the types, abundance, and targets of known miRNAs in root and leaf of maize (Zea mays L.) were analyzed by small RNA deep(More)
The matrix Gla (gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-rich) protein (MGP), a vitamin K-dependent and Gla-containing protein, is a calcification inhibitor that mainly functions in tissue calcification and mineralization. In this study, we obtained the complete cDNA sequence of MGP from the spinyhead croaker (Collichthys lucidus), which we named Cl-MGP. Cl-MGP was 923(More)
The heavy metals in soil not only damage plant growth, but also threaten the health of human beings and animals through food chain. Heavy metal-transport proteins play crucial roles in the heavy metals uptake and tolerance of plants. Plant heavy metal-transport proteins can be classified as metal-uptake proteins and metal-efflux proteins. The metal-uptake(More)
A full-length cDNA sequence coding ribosomal protein S3a of mulberry tree, which we designated MmRPS3a (GenBank accession No. KR610331), was cloned based on mulberry expressed sequence tags. Sequence analysis showed that the MmRPS3a is 1089 bp long and contains a 80-bp 5'-UTR (untranslated region) and a 220-bp 3'-UTR. Its open reading frame consists of a(More)
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