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Clustering trajectory data is an important way to mine hidden information behind moving object sampling data, such as understanding trends in movement patterns, gaining high popularity in geographic information and so on. In the era of ‘Big data’, the current approaches for clustering trajectory data generally do not apply for excessive costs in both(More)
The modeling and simulation (M&S) of large crowd has become increasingly important in the domain of public security, such as facility planning, disaster response, and anti-terrorism operations. The behavior of a large crowd is highly complex, and the M&S of a large crowd at the individual level therefore demands the support of a scalable and efficient(More)
In recent years, the repeat-pass GBSAR (ground based synthetic aperture radar) system has demonstrated its capacity to acquire deformation. Nevertheless, in a variety of applications, it needs to measure the deformation with the precision up to 0.1 mm, which could not be reached by utilizing the traditional PS (permanent scatterer) algorithm in most cases.(More)
The bistatic spaceborne/stationary InSAR configuration could be applied to generate digital elevation model (DEM). However, two factors limit the DEM precision improvement. On the one hand, due to the effects of the illuminator’s sidelobe and the high objects’ shadow, the pixels in the corresponding area might be polluted by the noise. On the other hand,(More)
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