Mao Zheng

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The detection of the lumen and media-adventitia borders is a key step in intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) processing. The traditional method for IVUS is based on the snake model or GVF Snake model. Actually, it is not easy to get the precise lumen and adventitia border of the IVUS image by only using the one of the above method. In this paper a new way is(More)
Asian schistosomiasis is a zoonotic parasitic disease infecting up to a million people and threatening tens of millions more. Control of this disease is hindered by the animal reservoirs of the parasite, in particular the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), which is responsible for significant levels of human transmission. A transmission-blocking vaccine(More)
Document enrichment is the task of retrieving additional knowledge from external resource over what is available through source document. This task is essential because of the phenomenon that text is generally replete with gaps and ellipses since authors assume a certain amount of background knowledge. The recovery of these gaps is intuitively useful for(More)