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Flexible platform supporting data exchange and sharing between autonomous information systems is very important for today's increasing IT infrastructures, but in the process of data exchange, there's a big obstacle due to the heterogeneity of data. How to protect and make full use of data resources of the existing systems, in other words, how to realize(More)
Text content can have different visual presentation ways with roughly similar characters. While conventional text image retrieval depends on complex model of OCR-based text recognition and text similarity detection, this paper proposes a new learning-based approach to text image retrieval with the purpose of finding out the original or similar text through(More)
Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity pricing provides an opportunity for industrial users to cut electricity costs. Although many methods for Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) under TOU pricing in continuous industrial processing have been proposed, there are still difficulties in batch-type processing since power load units are not directly adjustable and nonlinearly(More)
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