Mao Tamaru

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The magnetic structure and properties of polycrystalline NaFePO4 polymorphs, maricite and triphylite, both derived from the olivine structure type, have been investigated using magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, and low-temperature neutron powder diffraction. These NaFePO4 polymorphs assume orthorhombic frameworks (space group No. 62, Pnma), built from(More)
The magnetic orientation has been studied for paramagnetic organic radical crystals 1,3,5-triphenyl-6-oxoverdazyl and 1,5-di-p-tolyl-3-phenyl-6-oxoverdazyl in magnetic fields of 2-80 kOe at temperatures of 77-343 K. The X-ray diffraction measurement has revealed that the crystals are oriented with the crystallographic c axis perpendicular to the field. The(More)
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