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Experimental StudyIon the Synergia Theory of Processing with Vinegar——Effects of Repetitive Processing with High Dose Vinegar on the Components of Rhizoma Corydalis
Objective:To study the effects of quantity of processing vinegar and processing methods on the components of Rhizoma Corydalis.Methods: HPLC was used to detect the content of tetrahydropalmatine and
Modern Research and Application of Honey
The standard for honly should be established because honey contains sugar and other beneficial constituents and has the pharmacological effects of anti- inflammation and anti-bacteria with wide clinical application.
HPLC determination of bilirubin in pig bile of processing materials in traditional Chinese medicine
Objective:To establish a method for determination of bilirubin in pig bile of processing materials in traditional Chinese medicine.Methods:Zorbax RX-C18 column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm)was used.The mobile
A Study on the Carrier's Responsibilities of Freight Forwarders
Under which cases the freight forwarders should render the carrier's responsibilities? According to the types of the transportation documents,we can determine the result.If it issues its own shipping
Synthesis of biquaternary ammonium salts bactericides
An intermediate, tertiary amine, had been synthesized from dodecyl amine, formic acid and aldehyde.Biquaternary ammonium salt bactericide had been synthesized from teriary amine and
Measures to Solve China's Second Economical Bottom Risk in 2011
This essay analyzes that China's economy is facing"double dip"risk: the economy growth over-relying on fixed asset investment,the lack of potential endogenous demand,inflation and the economic
Determination of Astragaloside in Lvjiaobuxue Granule by HPLC-ELSD
Objective To establish an HPLC-ELSD method for determination of astragaloside in Lvjiaobuxue Granule.Methods With Agilent XDB C_(18)(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm),acetonitrile-water(37∶63) was used as the
A New Technique of Superfine Comminution to Dispel Rhizoma Typhon's Sting Eeffects
The Rhizoma Typhon's sting and irritation was dispelled when with the sting rank of raw RT, old processed method and ultramicro-pulverying method processed by the new technique of ultram Micropulverization.
A Brief Analysis on the Operationg of the Brand Globalization of Chinese Enterprises
Economic globalization is a major theme of the current world economic development.Enterprises should not only pursuit profit,get competitive advantage and seek survival and development,they also need
Discussion on Bulky Concrete Curing
The construction of bulky concrete demands high-level technology.In the construction,the temperature stress cracking and temperature deformation cracking of concrete,which are caused by the