Mao Sheng Lin

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In this paper, a scheduling algorithm that is based on WFQ and dynamically adjusts weights according to the error rate of each flow is presented. The base station allocates the bandwidth by calculating the weight of the mobile hosts and the error rate of each as a fraction of that of the entire body. During the process of adjustment, the weight of a certain(More)
Research on the community detection in social tagging networks has attracted much attention in the last decade. Extracting the hidden topic information from tags provides a new way of thinking for community detection in social tagging networks. In this paper, a topic tagging network by extracting several topics from the tags through using the Latent(More)
For tracing the anonymous communication, traditional passive manners based on source-destination addresses and flow correlatioin analysis is limited with the high-speed flow processing requirements, unreadable encrypted traffic and complicated flow processing in secure routing mechanism. Network flow watermarking as one of anonymous network tracing(More)
In this paper, a new reversible image hiding scheme based on histogram shifting for grayscale images is proposed. As is known, the payload storage of histogram-based reversible data hiding is impacted by the overhead information of the pixel positions that have to be embedded in a cover image. To solve this problem, the cover image is divided into two(More)
Sliding mode control is a typical nonlinear control strategy which was easy realized and with strong robustness, in this paper, a neuro sliding mode controller was designed with RBF neural networks and the stability of the proposed control scheme is proved by Lyapnouv theorem. For the chattering of sliding mode control are often derive from switching gain,(More)
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