Mao-Rong Chen

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UNC-31 or its mammalian homologue, Ca(2+)-dependent activator protein for secretion (CAPS), is indispensable for exocytosis of dense core vesicle (DCV) and synaptic vesicle (SV). From N- to the C-terminus, UNC-31 contains putative functional domains, including dynactin 1 binding domain (DBD), C2, PH, (M)UNC-13 homology domain (MHD) and DCV binding domain(More)
Synaptotagmins (Syts) are calcium-binding proteins which are conserved from nematodes to humans. Fifteen Syts have been identified in mammalian species. Syt I is recognized as a Ca(2+) sensor for the synchronized release of synaptic vesicles in some types of neurons, but its role in the secretion of dense core vesicles (DCVs) remains unclear. The function(More)
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