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On Alien Cultural Background of Qu Indite
This article draws a conclusion that,towards Culture on Alien Chu Indite ,we should absorb resonable core of its research thoughts,and develop the useful and discard the useless.According to analysisExpand
Viewing Reform of College Chinese Teaching Material From Angle of Teaching
If the reform of college Chinese is viewed in the light of teaching, the condition of teaching materials being general and indistinctive should be changed first of all. And then, the aim ofExpand
On Inheritance and Development of Qu Yuans Art in Bao Zhaos Poetry
Starting from a brief comparison between Bao Zhao and Zuo Si, the article analyzes the differences between the poems of mountains and the poems of rivers and lakes by Bao Zhao, resulting in the factExpand
A Retrospection of Researching and Reordering QU Yuan's Tian Wen on the Mixed Bamboo Tablets
Mr. QU Fu, a distinguished scholar in the Qing Dynasty, first assumed that Tian Wen was recorded on some mixed bamboo tablets, and then a lot of scholars followed his footprints in their research.Expand
Ordinary and Paradox The Time Image in Newlyedited Stories
In Lu Xun抯 Newly-edited Stories, he used all kinds of time images, such as times stretching; ancient-modern mixed-up, seasons, static state, etc.
Study of Huang Jie's Poetics
Poetics is a pioneering work on Chinese poetry in modern times. In terms of construction of the academic discipline, it has the same groundbreaking significance as Lin Chuanjia's History of ChineseExpand
On the Division of the Contextual Levels and the Subtle Organization of The Sadness of Separation
The difficulty of The Sadness of Separation lies in its division of contextual levels. There are nearly 40 ways of division in history, but only about ten of them are representative with originalExpand
Since the act of probing into personality is a kind of cultural study,we may establish a definition of personality from the perspective of culture as follows:personality is the sum total of one'sExpand
Construct New Study of Chu-ci in The Blueprint of National Rejuvenation
Chinese people have started the great rejuvenation of national culture. It is the important task and spiritual pivot of Chinese intellectuals of next generations. The construction of new study ofExpand