Mao-Pei Tsui

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The increasing photorealism for computer graphics has made computer graphics a convincing form of image forgery. Therefore, classifying photographic images and photorealistic computer graphics has become an important problem for image forgery detection. In this paper, we propose a new geometry-based image model, motivated by the physical image generation(More)
In this paper, we present a new single-image camera response function (CRF) estimation method using geometry invariants (GI). We derive mathematical properties and geometric interpretation for GI, which lend insight to addressing various algorithm implementation issues in a principled way. In contrast to the previous single-image CRF estimation methods, our(More)
Camera response function (CRF) is a form of camera signatures which can be extracted from a single image and provides a natural basis for image forensics. CRF extraction from a single-image is in theory ill-posed. It relies on specific structures in an image that offer glimpses of the CRF. Therefore, the challenges in CRF extraction are first in identifying(More)
The well-known Bernstein theorem states any complete minimal surface that can be written as the graph of a function on R must be a plane. This type of result has been generalized in higher dimension and codimension under various conditions. See [2] and the reference therein for the codimension one case and [1], [3], and [6] for higher codimension case. In(More)
We construct many self-similar and translating solitons for Lagrangian mean curvature flow, including self-expanders and translating solitons with arbitrarily small oscillation on the Lagrangian angle. Our translating solitons play the same role as cigar solitons in Ricci flow, and are important in studying the regularity of Lagrangian mean curvature flow.(More)
We presented a set of physics motivated features for classifying photographic and computer graphic images in our previous work [1]. We also deployed an online demo system for distinguishing photographic and computer graphic images in October 2005 [2], which features our geometry classifier, together with the wavelet classifier, and the cartoon classifier.(More)
We construct noncompact solutions to the affine normal flow of hypersurfaces, and show that all ancient solutions must be either ellipsoids (shrinking solitons) or paraboloids (translating solitons). We also provide a new proof of the existence of a hyperbolic affine sphere asymptotic to the boundary of a convex cone containing no lines, which is originally(More)
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