Mao Hua Chen

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Virus-encoded movement protein (MP) mediates cell-to-cell spread of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) through plant intercellular connections, the plasmodesmata. The molecular pathway by which TMV MP interacts with the host cell is largely unknown. To understand this process better, a cell wall-associated protein that specifically binds the viral MP was purified(More)
Abstract Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) spreads between cells through plant intercellular connections, the plasmodesmata. This transport process is mediated by a specialized virus-encoded movement protein, TMV MP. Recent advances in two major aspects of TMV MP function highlight the limits of our current knowledge and promise exciting future developments.(More)
Many microbes "genetically invade" plants by introducing DNA or RNA molecules into the host cells. For example, plant viruses transport their genomes between host cells, whereas Agrobacterium spp. transfer T-DNA to the cell nucleus and integrate it into the plant DNA. During these events, the transported nucleic acids must negotiate several barriers, such(More)
Insecticide-detoxifying carboxylesterase (CE) gene CpCE-1 was cloned from Cydia pomonella. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and computational alanine scanning (CAS) indicate that Asn 232 in CpCE-1 constitutes an approximate binding hot-spot with a binding free energy difference (ΔΔGbind) value of 3.66 kcal/mol. The catalytic efficiency (kcat/km) of N232A(More)
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