Mao-Gang Gong

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Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) have highly desirable attributes for solution-processable thin-film photovoltaics (TFPVs), such as broadband absorption, high carrier mobility, and environmental stability. However, previous TFPVs incorporating photoactive SWCNTs have utilized architectures that have limited current, voltage, and ultimately power(More)
Iron pyrite (fool's gold, FeS₂) is a promising earth abundant and environmentally benign semiconductor material that shows promise as a strong and broad absorber for photovoltaics and high energy density cathode material for batteries. However, controlling FeS₂ nanocrystal formation (composition, size, shape, stoichiometry, etc.) and defect mitigation still(More)
Room temperature magnetic field effects have not been definitively observed in either single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) or C₆₀ under a small magnetic field due to their weak hyperfine interaction and slight difference of g-factor between positive and negative polarons. Here, we demonstrate charge-transfer induced magnetic field effects in nano-carbon(More)
Colorful nanofibrous membranes have attracted much attention for their visual varieties and various functionalities. In this article, a colored solution electrospinning process was used to fabricate colorful hydrophobic poly(vinyl butyral) (PVB)/cationic dye nanofibrous membranes (NFMs) successfully. The color and morphology of these as-spun nanofibrous(More)
A facile method termed magneto-mechanical drawing is used to produce polymer composite microfibers. Compared with electrospinning and other fiber spinning methods, magneto-mechanical drawing uses magnetic force generated by a permanent magnet to draw droplets of polymer/magnetic nanoparticle suspensions, leading to fabrication of composite microfibers. In(More)
Biomolecule cytochrome c (Cty c), a small molecule of a chain of amino acids with extraordinary electron transport, was helically wrapped around a semiconductive single-wall carbon nanotube (s-SWCNT) to form a molecular building block for uncooled infrared detection with two uniquely designed functionalities: exciton dissociation to free charge carriers at(More)
Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube/fullerene bulk heterojunctions exhibit unique optoelectronic properties highly suitable for flexible, efficient, and robust photovoltaics and photodetectors. We investigate charge-transfer dynamics in inverted devices featuring a polyethylenimine-coated ZnO nanowire array infiltrated with these blends and find(More)
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