Mao Ching Foo

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Based on agglutination, complement fixation, bactericidal, and opsonization tests, it is evident that suspensions of a Bacteroides sp. isolated from the mouse intestine and given by parenteral routes do not initiate antibody formation in mice. Rats also respond poorly to the antigenic stimulus. In contrast, suspensions of other bacterial species isolated(More)
Antigenic cross-reaction has been demonstrated between homogenates of intestine taken from fetal mice and suspensions of a Bacteriodes species isolated from the large intestines of normal adult mice. This observation provides an explanation for the lack of immunological response observed in mice after antigenic stimulation with this member of the normal(More)
Sensor networks have generated much interest in the research community because they have a wide range of potentially impactful applications. In this field, one of the major research challenges is the distributed resource allocation problem. This problem concerns how one should allocate or schedule the limited resources in a sensor network to minimize costs(More)
There has been a lot of interest over the last decade in the use of multiple robots in applications such as search and rescue missions. The use of multiple robots could increase mission effectiveness and robustness. The design of algorithms for robot cooperation to achieve collective mission goals is still on-going research. Various possibilities depending(More)
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