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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) has been developed as a powerful model for genetic studies in developmental biology, which also gives insights into several diseases of adult humans such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Because aging processes affect these and many other human diseases, it is important to compare zebrafish and other mammalian aging.(More)
Among vertebrates, fish and mammals show intriguing differences in their growth control properties with age. The potential for unlimited or indeterminate growth in a variety of fish species has prompted many questions regarding the senescent phenomena that appear during the aging process in these animals. Using zebrafish as our model system, we have(More)
— We provide useful results on two classes of convolutional codes: binary codes and nonbinary codes. The best codes or the best known codes for these two classes of convolutional codes are found by computer search. Some of them are better than those found in the past. We specify these codes by their transfer function matrices, distance spectra, and(More)
Endotoxemia is associated with impaired diaphragm contractility, and increased nitric oxide (NO) production has recently been implicated in this phenomenon. However, the precise nature of sepsis-related alterations in diaphragm myofiber function remains unclear. We tested the hypothesis that enhanced NO synthesis during sepsis produces diaphragm sarcolemmal(More)
Coccidial oocysts were seen in the bile from five goats infected with coccidia either naturally or artificially. The oocysts measured on average 21.3 by 18.3 microns and resembled those of Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae. Livers and gall bladders of infected animals showed various degrees of histopathological changes. In the worst case, bile had a thick(More)
This randomized, blind study measured changes in serum lipid and apolipoprotein concentrations in 16 men consuming 39 +/- 1% of energy (en%) as fat either from safflower- or canola-oil-based diets for 8 wk. Initially, the men were stabilized for 3 wk on a typical American (baseline) diet. Compared with baseline, the vegetable-oil-based diets reduced serum(More)
Using exhaustive computation by a computer, the unequal error protection capabilities of all binary cyclic codes of odd length up to 65 that have minimum distances at least 3 are found. For those codes that we can only compute upper bounds on their unequal error protection capabilities, we use an analytic method developed by Dynkin and Togonidze to show(More)
—Runlength-limited (RLL) codes are used in magnetic recording. The error patterns that occur with peak detection magnetic recording systems when using a runlength-limited code consist of both symmetric errors and shift errors. We will refer to shift errors and symmetric errors collectively as mixed-type errors. In this correspondence, a method of providing(More)