Mao Chao Lin

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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) has been developed as a powerful model for genetic studies in developmental biology, which also gives insights into several diseases of adult humans such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Because aging processes affect these and many other human diseases, it is important to compare zebrafish and other mammalian aging.(More)
— We provide useful results on two classes of convolutional codes: binary codes and nonbinary codes. The best codes or the best known codes for these two classes of convolutional codes are found by computer search. Some of them are better than those found in the past. We specify these codes by their transfer function matrices, distance spectra, and(More)
—Runlength-limited (RLL) codes are used in magnetic recording. The error patterns that occur with peak detection magnetic recording systems when using a runlength-limited code consist of both symmetric errors and shift errors. We will refer to shift errors and symmetric errors collectively as mixed-type errors. In this correspondence, a method of providing(More)
Androgens down-regulate the levels of androgen receptors (AR) and AR mRNA in the penis and prostate of castrated rats, and are assumed to cause their decrease during sexual maturation in the penile smooth muscle of intact rats. In order to determine whether these effects occur directly at the target cell level, and to what extent they are due to(More)
The unequal error correction capabilities of binary cyclic codes of composite length aye investigated. Under certain conditions, direct sums of concatenated codes have unequal error correction capabilities. By a modified Hartmann and Tzeng algorithm, it is shown that a binary cyclic code of composite length is equivalent to the direct sum of concatenated(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the prevalent hypothesis that androgens are responsible for the organ-specific down-regulation of penile androgen receptors (ARs) and decline of penile growth in the rat during sexual maturation. Sexually immature male rats (21 days old) were castrated and treated for 3 days ("short-term"), with high doses of: (a)(More)
1139 [XI R. M. Gray, "Time-invariant trellis encoding of ergodic discrete-time sources with a fidelity criterion," IEEE Truns. Inform. Theory, vol.Stack algorithm speech encoding with fixed and variable symbol release rules," IEEE Trans. Abstract-The (n, k , d 2 2t + 1) binary linear codes are studied, which are used for correcting error patterns of weight(More)
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