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Classroom dialogue: a systematic review across four decades of research
Recognizing that empirical research into classroom dialogue has been conducted for about 40 years, a review is reported of 225 studies published between 1972 and 2011. The studies were identifiedExpand
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How science changes over time
Entrenched Compartmentalisation and Students' Abilities and Levels of Interest in Science.
This article explores the notion that asking and exploring so called ‘big questions’ could potentially increase the diversity and number of students who aspire to work in science and science relatedExpand
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Telling the whole story: using mulitple lenses for policy analysis
The poster outlines three critical lenses with potential to more explicitly inform social policy analyses. They are represented here as policy historiography, policy genealogy and policy archaeology.Expand
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Developing a Cross-Curricular Session about Evolution for Initial Teacher Education: Findings from a Small-Scale Study with Pre-service Primary School Teacher
The study reported here is part of a larger project which began when it was announced that the science curriculum for primary schools in England would include the teaching of evolution. Evolution isExpand
'Why Did the "Titanic" Sink?' -- Bridging Two Disciplines to Teach Epistemic Insight with Lower Secondary School Students.
This article describes a workshop to develop students’ understanding of how to investigate a cross-disciplinary question that bridges science and history. The question ‘Why did the Titanic sink?’ isExpand
Exploring dialogic space: a case study of a religious education classroom
Abstract Dialogic approaches to pedagogy have received increased attention in educational research in the past decades. Despite the substantial body of research on the quality of classroom talk, theExpand
The value of dialogic education in the classroom has been recognised in many research studies in recent years (Alexander 2012), yet empirical research set in a religious education class remainsExpand
Primary school students’ perspectives on questions that bridge science and religion: findings from a survey study in England
This article describes the development of a questionnaire to discover primary school students’ perceptions of science, religion and the relationships between them on a range of topics that are knownExpand
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