Manzoor Ahmad

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  • M Yves, Gueguen Président, M Djimedo, Kondo Rapporteur, Franz-Josef Ulm, Rapporteur M Olivier +19 others
  • 2009
v REMERCIEMENTS Ce travail a été réalisé grâce à une collaboration entre le CERMES (équipe Géotechnique de l'UR Navier) de l'ENPC, la division MSRGI du LCPC et la société TOTAL. Je les remercie de m'avoir accueilli et soutenu pendant ma thèse. J'adresse tous mes remerciements à Yves Guéguen qui a présidé le jury de thèse, à Djimédo Kondo et Franz-Josef Ulm(More)
1. Introduction L'aide à la surveillance et au maintien à domicile est un problème complexe qui requiert des compétences humaines et techniques variées induites par la multiplicité des expertises mises en jeu (sociales, médicales, techniques etc.), la dimension collaborative des analyses et des prises de décisions et enfin l'obligation de résultat lors des(More)
Ambient Systems are highly adaptive. They modify their behavior at run-time in response to changing environmental conditions. For these systems, Non Functional Requirements (NFR's) play an important role, and one has to identify as early as possible the requirements that are adaptable. Because of the inherent uncertainty in these systems, goal based(More)
The development of drought tolerant wheat cultivars has been slow due to lack of understanding the diagnostic physiological parameters associated with improved productivity under water stress. We evaluated responses to PEG induced osmotic stress under hydroponics in D-genome synthetic derived and bread wheat germplasm with the main aim to unravel and(More)
We here investigate polarimetric behavior of thick samples of porcine liver, Intralipid, and microsphere-based tissue phantoms whose absorption and scattering properties are matched. Using polarized light we measured reflection mode Mueller matrices and derived linear/circular/total depolarization rates, based on polar decomposition. According to our(More)
Systems of systems (SoS) are large-scale systems composed of complex systems with difficult to elicit and model emergent properties. One of the most significant challenges in the engineering of such systems is how to elicit their non-functional requirements such as security. In this proposal paper we introduce a Model Driven Engineering (MDE) security(More)
Formal methods provide tools to verify the consistency and correctness of a specification with respect to the desired properties of the system. This verification is important as the development of an AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) system involves different technologies (medical services, surveillance cameras, intelligent devices, etc.) requiring a strong(More)
Composition is central to Component Based Software Engineering [1]. On one hand, we can express the composition of Whole Part Relationship (WPR) with the help of some properties [2], recognized as WPR properties based on which a UML profile is being devised called WPCP (Whole Part Composition Profile). On the other hand, software composition can be achieved(More)