Manyala Ramalinga Raju

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Electrical distribution network reconfiguration is a complex combinatorial optimization process aimed at finding a radial operating structure that minimizes the system power loss while satisfying operating constraints. In this paper, a harmony search algorithm (HSA) is proposed to solve the network reconfiguration problem to get optimal switching(More)
Power system stabilizers (PSSs) are used to generate supplementary control signals for the excitation system to damp electromechanical oscillations. This paper presents an Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) optimization based approach for tuning the parameters of PSSs in multi-machine power systems. The stabilizers are tuned to simultaneously shift the undamped(More)
This paper presents design optimization of a class of special purpose transformers used in direct-arc melting furnace, adopting genetic algorithm (GA). The operation and performance characteristics of a furnace transformer connected to a large direct arc furnace formed the basis for realizing the rating of the transformer. The nonlinear mathematical model(More)
Optimal selection of size of the conductors in distribution system would result in reduction in capital investment, reduction in energy losses. In this paper, selection of conductors is done based on cost of energy loss and interest and depreciation on capital investment. The main objective is to minimize the real and reactive power losses and also to(More)
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