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Continuous performance monitoring is critical for detecting software aging and enabling performance tuning. In this paper we design and develop a performance monitoring system called PerfMon. It makes use of the /proc virtual file system’s kernel-level mechanisms and abstractions in Linux-based operating system, which provides the building blocks(More)
Increasingly, software are required to be ready to adapt itself to the changing environment caused by a wide range of maintenance, evolution and operation problems. Furthermore, in large complex distributed systems and continuous running systems, the traditional approaches to bringing about change require that the system be taken offline temporarily, which(More)
In the operational simulation field, joint operational simulations bring complex dependencies between systems across different services. Different platforms and simulations also need interoperability, which attracts more and more attention of computer scientists. This paper introduces the Intelligent Mobile Agent into operational simulation field, it(More)
This paper proposes a new classification approach; we call the Graph Augmented Bayes classifier (GAB). We show that naive Bayes classifier is a special case of GAB under the conditional independence assumption. GAB relaxes the conditional independence assumptions and takes into account of the influences on an attribute from all other attributes, and extends(More)
Higher--order π--calculus(HOπ)[3.4.6]] is a computation model with sufficient computation capability. It is suitable to describe the concurrency in computation. In this paper, the agent language NUML which is designed to describe DAI (distributed artificial intelligence) systems is presented; also its semantics in HOπ is given and(More)
To increase software productivity and enhance its quality, techniques for software reuse have attracted more and more attention in recent years. Among these techniques, application generator is a rather practical one but without deep explorations yet. In this paper, at first we examine the application generator in terms of characteristics of software reuse.(More)
Due to the growing complexity of computing systems, and the increasing demand for high availability and reliability of them, adapting software at runtime is becoming more and more important. However, there is not sufficient support for dynamic software adaptation at the level of programming languages. In this paper, we investigate a language feature, namely(More)