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Continuous performance monitoring is critical for detecting software aging and enabling performance tuning. In this paper we design and develop a performance monitoring system called PerfMon. It makes use of the /proc virtual file system’s kernel-level mechanisms and abstractions in Linux-based operating system, which provides the building blocks(More)
Increasingly, software are required to be ready to adapt itself to the changing environment caused by a wide range of maintenance, evolution and operation problems. Furthermore, in large complex distributed systems and continuous running systems, the traditional approaches to bringing about change require that the system be taken offline temporarily, which(More)
In the operational simulation field, joint operational simulations bring complex dependencies between systems across different services. Different platforms and simulations also need interoperability, which attracts more and more attention of computer scientists. This paper introduces the Intelligent Mobile Agent into operational simulation field, it(More)
Traditional AI systems are brittle in the sense that they fail miserably when presented with problems even slightly outside of their limited range of expertise. A powerful, extensible strategy of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) for overcoming such bounds is to put the system in a society of systems. So the ability to coordinate group activities of(More)