Manvinder Singh

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Aristotle provides program analysis information, and supports the development of software engineering tools. Aristotle's front end consists of parsers that gather control flow, local dataflow and symbol table information for procedural language programs. We implemented a parser for C by incorporating analysis routines into the GNU C parser; a C++ parser is(More)
  • I B Pharm Semester I, Pharmaceutics-I, L X Allen, N G Popovich, Ansel, Robert +21 others
  • 2013
A student after completing the B.Pharm course shall be called as a pharmacist and shall be capable of meeting requirements of manufacture & marketing of drugs in industry and to work in sectors of pharmacy practice. For manufacturing, they will be in a position to handle methods of drug manufacturing, drug selection, standardization, quality control, drug(More)
Coordinating properties of uridine 5′-monophosphate (UMP) towards trivalent La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu and Gd ions in presence of cationic and anionic micelles have been investigated by potentiometric pH-titration and spectroscopic methods. Stability constants of the 2:1 complexes have been determined and the change in free energy, enthalpy and entropy associated(More)
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