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The survival of traditional enterprises within the global economy relies on their ability to embrace new ideas and new organizational forms and to imagine new ways of delivering value to customers, new approaches to collaborating in dynamic networked environments. This paper proposes a system for promoting sustainable interoperability between enterprises(More)
The behavior of standard evolutionary algorithm in the case of multi-modal optimization problems meets a major difficulty. It generally converges towards a single optimum point failing to maintain in the population the multiple optima of the problem under consideration. Various methods enrich the standard algorithm to obtain efficient techniques for solving(More)
The paper presents the results of the “Smart People for Smart Cities!” project funded by European Structural Funds Human Resources. “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania in partnership with UTI SA Romania, UNINOVA Portugal and INFOR ELEA Italy have collaborated to bridge and enhance people's skills and competences(More)
The paper refers to the problem of pollution in an industrial area. This is a very important problem and two main targets have to be solved: assessment of pollution levels and prognosis of its evolution. Starting with several theoretical considerations and from experimental data series, the authors propose a neural model of time evolution of the air quality(More)
In ACACIA project, through its Apoya module seeks to provide means and methods to enhance emotional sustainability as innovative approach to student's dropout prevention. Emotional state of the students at risk of dropout have to be assessed and innovative methods for counselling and curricula adaptation should be applied for getting out the student from(More)