Manuele Bertoluzzo

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This paper describes the design of a drive-by-wire system for a commercial lift truck using the FlexCAN communication architecture. FlexCAN is a recently developed architecture based on the CAN protocol to support deterministic and safety-critical applications. The main features of FlexCAN are its simplicity and ready implementation based on COTS CAN(More)
Contactless energy transfer systems (CETSs) take electric energy from the mains and deliver it to an electric load without any wired connection between them. CETSs are receiving much attention in recent days for their numerous benefits, especially in recharging the batteries of the electric vehicles. After reviewing structure and key performance factors of(More)
This paper presents two light electric vehicles (LEVs) with a electric propulsion system developed at an academic laboratory. One LEV is an electric city scooter powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and propelled by a wheel motor drive. The other LEV is an electric bicycle powered by a fuel cell system with the assistance of a supercapacitor bank. Power(More)
 Abstract— Dynamic wireless charging (DWC) of electric vehicles (EVs) is an emerging technology that could lead to the breakthrough of EVs. The technology is based on the inductive coupling between an electrified track deployed under the road surface, and a pickup coil fitted in EV. This paper refers to a lumped track made of DD coils and is concerned with(More)
1 Abstract—PM BLDC drives are utilized in a variety of applications because of their inherent features, and would be even more utilized if their torque performance could be improved. Indeed, when supplied with square-wave currents, the torque-speed characteristic undergoes a drop at high speeds and a significant torque ripple arises at both low and high(More)
The paper deals with the dynamic charging of the electric vehicles by an inductive power transfer (IPT) system with a segmented track. The reflexive properties of the IPT system is studied by evaluating the reactance of a transmitting coil when coupled with a pick-up with respect to uncoupled conditions. Different topologies for the pick-up circuit are(More)