Manuela Visentin

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In this study, 44 primary or metastatic human ovarian tumours were tested for allelic deletions on the short arm of chromosome 11. Analysis of 12 polymorphic loci by Southern blotting evidenced loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in at least one locus in 41% of cases. Moreover, two hot spots of deletions were tentatively mapped on 11p13 and 11p15.5. Our results(More)
The nm23-H1 gene has been proposed as a metastasis suppressor gene. It is located on the long arm of chromosome 17, which is frequently deleted in ovarian cancer, and shows altered expression and structure in some advanced neoplasms. To evaluate the role of nm23-H1 in ovarian carcinogenesis, we have analyzed this gene in 66 primary human ovarian carcinomas(More)
The high-affinity folate-binding protein (FBP) is primarily involved in the uptake of the 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and its expression may be physiologically regulated by the intracellular folate content. The overexpression of FBP on the cell surface of ovarian carcinoma cells may be responsible for an increased folate uptake. We tested the hypothesis of(More)
Emerging evidence suggests that combinatorial action of numerous biologically active compounds may be a valuable source in a variety of therapeutic applications. Several nutraceuticals have demonstrated to augment the efficacy of pharmacological approaches or provide physiological benefit to improve age-related decline. Recently, the possibilities of(More)
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