Manuela Ruiz-Montiel

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Recommender Systems have become a significant area in the context of web personalization, given the large amount of available data. Ontologies can be widely taken advantage of in recommender systems, since they provide a means of classifying and discovering of new information about the items to recommend, about user profiles and even about their context. We(More)
Wikis are a great tool inside the Social Web, as they provide the chance of creating collaborative knowledge in a quick way. Semantic wikis are becoming popular as Web technologies evolve: ontologies and semantic markup on the Web allow the generation of machine-readable information. Semantic wikis are often seen as small semantic webs as they provide(More)
Shape grammars are a powerful and appealing formalism for automatic shape generation in computer-based design systems. This paper presents a proposal complementing the generative power of shape grammars with reinforcement learning techniques. We use simple (naive) shape grammars capable of generating a large variety of different designs. In order to(More)
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