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One of the goals of plant breeding is to increase yield with improved quality characters. Plant introductions (PI) are a rich source of favorable alleles that could improve different characters in modern soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merril] including yield. The objectives of this study were to identify yield QTL underlying the genetic basis for differential(More)
As text-to-speech systems develop, it becomes necessary to compare various solutions and to evaluate whether a change in the synthesis procedure has an effect on the listener's attitude to the system. The possibility of directly scaling intelligibility, naturalness, and user's satisfaction (i.e., acceptability) with the magnitude estimation technique is(More)
A linear, amphoteric poly(amidoamine) nicknamed AGMA1, based on 4-aminobutylguanidine, or agmatine, was successfully prepared by Michael-type polyaddition of monoprotonated agmatine and 2,2-bis(acrylamido)acetic acid (BAC). Copolymers between AGMA1 and the biocompatible poly(amidoamine) ISA23 (deriving from the polyaddition of 2-methylpiperazine with BAC)(More)
The spatial distribution of landslides is influenced by different climatic conditions and environmental settings including topography, morphology, hydrology, lithology, and land use. In this work, we have attempted to evaluate the influence of land use change on landslide susceptibility (LS) for a small study area located in the southern part of the Briga(More)
This study focuses on the role of wind exposure and storm events, in interaction with trophic status and temperature, on the competition between two species: Microcystis aeruginosa and a typical green alga. It is based on a water column model containing ecological and fluid mechanic features including mixing and shear stress at the bottom. This model(More)
SUMMARY The lightning performance of an overhead Multiconductor Transmission Line (MTL) system is typically represented by means of curves reporting how many lightning faults per year the system may experience as a function of its insulation level [1]. In other words, it expresses the probability that the lines are subject to an overvoltage greater than(More)
Syntactic theories of intonation assume that intonation is congruent to syntax. It is, however, in the cases where it is not that intonation can restructure an utterance and become informative. In a first stage, we identify the prosodic units which play a part in the organisation of utterances. In a second stage, we examine how intonation contributes to the(More)
The proton stopping power of liquid water was, for the first time, measured in the energy range 4.7-15.2 MeV. The proton energies were determined by the time-of-flight transmission technique with the microchannel plate detectors, which were especially developed for timing applications. The results are compared to the literature values (from ICRU Report 49(More)