Manuela Nelli

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This paper describes the dependability modelling and evaluation of a real complex system, made of redundant replicated hardware and redundant diverse software. It takes into account all aspects of their interactions (including correlation between the diverse software variants) and of the criticality of the several components. Our approach has been to(More)
This paper deals with the modelling and evaluation of mission-phased systems devoted to space applications. We propose a two level hierarchical method that allows to model such systems and to master the complexity of the analysis. Our approach considers a separate modelling and resolution of the phases, and of the dependencies among phases caused by the(More)
Today critical systems like railway station interlocking systems employed in all technologically advanced countries are controlled by computers, mainly to cope with the increasing complexity of the control operations which is a source of failures. Several systems have been built [e.g.1–6], and have been used since a few years by those Railway Authorities(More)
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