Manuela Núñez-Redó

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Efficient environment monitoring has become a major concern for society to guarantee sustainable development. For instance, forest fire detection and analysis is important to provide early warning systems and identify impact. In this environmental context, availability of up-to-date information is very important for reducing damages caused. Environmental(More)
Animals are known to alter their behavior in response to changes in their environments. Therefore, automatic visual monitoring of animal behavior is currently of great interest because of its many applications. In this paper, a video-based system is proposed for analyzing the swimming patterns of fishes so that the presence of toxic in the water can be(More)
The current collaborative context and resource sharing that drives Web 2.0 is gaining importance within academia and industry, which is stimulating the development of new techniques for content retrieval, sharing and analysis over user-generated media content. This poses new challenges and research opportunities in spatial-based discovery media resources(More)
We are currently witnessing ordinary citizens willing to share geospatial information using friendly and easy-to use tools provided by Web 2.0 platforms. These platforms act as social networks describing events with large social impacts. Social networks are filled with volunteered information before, during, and after events that occur near human(More)
Currently we are witnessing how ordinary citizens are willing to share geospatial information using the friendly and easy-to use functionality provided by the web 2.0 platforms. These platforms act as social networks describing events with big social impact and reflecting what is now known as Citizen Science. In particular events, such as those close to(More)
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