Manuela I. Parente

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The following five species of microscopic tuft-forming/encrusting brown algae (Phaeophyta) are newly recorded for the Island of São Miguel (Azores): Nemoderma tingitana Schousboe ex Bornet, Pseudolithoderma roscoffense Loiseaux (Lithodermataceae), Hecatonema terminalis (Kützing) Kylin (Punctariaceae), Compsonema saxicolum(Kuckuck) Kuckuck, and Microspongium(More)
The Azores archipelago was selected as a case study since there are few studies on macroalgae introduction in oceanic islands. While at a global scale, around 3 % of macroalgae are considered non-indigenous; in the remote oceanic islands of the Azores, over 6 % of the marine algal flora is non-indigenous. The taxa distribution pattern of non-indigenous(More)
First reported for the Azores in 1994, Endarachne binghamiae is commonly found throughout the year on hard substrates in the upper mid-tidal region of the exposed Azorean shores. Morphological and culture studies of this species were carried out based on material collected from six localities on the island of São Miguel. Erect thalli collected in the field(More)
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