Manuela Grippa

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17 This paper analyses the potential of the radar altimeter onboard ENVISAT for 18 estimating surface soil moisture in the semi-arid Gourma region in Northern Mali. To this 19 end, the relationships between observed backscattering coefficients derived from 4 retracking 20 algorithms, namely Ocean, Ice-1, Ice-2 and Sea-Ice, and ground data, including soil(More)
Rain Use Efficiency (RUE), defined as Aboveground Net Primary Production (ANPP) divided by rainfall, is increasingly used to diagnose land degradation. Yet, the outcome of RUE monitoring has been much debated since opposite results were found about land degradation in the Sahel region. The debate is fueled by methodological issues, especially when using(More)
In the Sudano-Sahelian areas of Africa droughts can have serious impacts on natural resources, and therefore land surface moisture is an important factor. Insufficient conventional sites for monitoring land surface moisture make the use of Earth Observation data for this purpose a key issue. In this study we explored the potential of using reflectance data(More)
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