Manuela Fischer

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Responses of biodiversity to changes in both land cover and climate are recognized [1] but still poorly understood [2]. This poses significant challenges for spatial planning as species could shift, contract, expand, or maintain their range inside or outside protected areas [2-4]. We examine this problem in Borneo, a global biodiversity hotspot [5], using(More)
Using Raman scattering we studied the effect of substitutions on 1D spin fluctuations in CuGeO 3 observed as a spinon continuum in frustration induced exchange scattering. For temperatures below the spin-Peierls transition (T SP =14K) the intensity of this continuum at 120-500 cm −1 is exponentially suppressed and transferred into a 3D two-magnon density of(More)
based control of grasping in robot hands using heuristics from human motor skills. A viosn-based grasping system for unfamiliar planar objects. A. Bicchi. Hand for dexterous manipulation and robust grasping: A difficult road toward simplicity. A fast and robust grasp planner for arbitrary 3d objects. E. Chinellato. Robust strategies for selecting(More)
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