Manuela Fichera

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A 3D-QSAR study was carried out on 20 cannabinoids for which the binding affinities (K(i)) with respect to CB(1) and CB(2) receptors, determined in the same cell line, were available. For the first time three series of significantly different chemical structures such as Delta(9)-THC analogues, anandamides, and indoles were included in a single 3D-QSAR(More)
A detailed long range restriction map of the region defined by markers D6S149 and D6S193 on chromosome 6q27 has been constructed. This was achieved by YAC cloning and contig assembling of the same region. Seven YAC clones were found to span the almost 1000 Kb region flanked by the two markers which on the genetic map resulted to be 1.9 cM apart. With some(More)
A process to immobilize the enzyme glucose oxidase on SiO2 surfaces for the realization of integrated microbiosensors was developed. The sample characterization was performed by monitoring, step by step, oxide activation, silanization, linker molecule (glutaraldehyde) deposition, and enzyme immobilization by means of XPS, AFM, and contact angle(More)
Conformational studies of 1Dx2, 1Bx7, and 1Dy12 high relative molecular mass glutenin subunits, extracted from Alisei 1 flour, are reported. Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is employed to study their conformational polymorphism induced by urea and by urea in the presence of 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). The CD spectra indicate that SDS promotes(More)
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