Manuela Cooperman

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This cross-sectional study of nonfaculty university employees examined associations among gendered work conditions (e.g., sexism and discrimination), job demands, and employee job satisfaction and health. Organizational responsiveness and social support were examined as effect modifiers. Comparisons were made by gender and by the male-female ratio in each(More)
Eight women had painless thyroiditis, transient thyrotoxicosis, and low radioactive iodine uptakes but were without goiter; they constituted 15% of all thyrotoxicosis cases that we saw during the past year. Standard antithyroid antibody tests by tanned erythrocyte hemagglutination, complement fixation, and colloid and microsomal fluorescence, if present(More)
The characteristics of the glucose and insulin responses during the glucose tolerance test (GTT) in obese people as a group have not been established. We analyzed glucose and insulin levels during GTT in 160 healthy obese patients who averaged 42% over ideal body weight. Statistical upper limit of normal for 2-h glucose was 260 mg/dl in women and 206 mg/dl(More)
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