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BACKGROUND The alpha (v) beta (3) (alpha(v)beta(3)) integrin is involved in intracellular signaling regulating cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation and is important for tumor-induced angiogenesis. METHODS This phase 2, randomized, open-label, 2-arm study was designed to capture safety data and evaluate the antitumor efficacy of etaracizumab(More)
Background Targeting the cell-surface receptor EphA2, which is highly expressed in some solid tumors, is a novel approach for cancer therapy. We aimed to evaluate the safety profile, maximum tolerated dose (MTD), pharmacokinetics, and antitumor activity of MEDI-547, an antibody drug conjugate composed of the cytotoxic drug auristatin (toxin) linked to a(More)
Obtaining accurate estimates of the performance of a diagnostic test for some population of patients might be difficult when the sample of subjects used for this purpose is not representative for the whole population. Thus, in the motivating example of this paper a test is evaluated by comparing its results with those given by a gold standard procedure,(More)
PURPOSE Clinical development of cancer drugs has a low success rate. Prognostic and predictive biomarkers using minimally invasive approaches hold promise for increasing the probability of success by enabling disease characterization, patient selection and early detection of drug treatment effect. Enumeration and molecular characterization of circulating(More)
Bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) represents a major limitation in lung transplantation. While acute rejection is widely considered the most important risk factor for BOS, the impact of HLA-specific antibodies is less understood. Of 51 lung recipients who were prospectively tested during a 4.2 +/- 1.6-year period, 14 patients developed HLA-specific(More)
AlphaVbeta3 (alphavbeta3) is an important molecule for tumor-induced angiogenesis and is upregulated in metastatic melanoma (MM). We proposed to study the mechanism of action of etaracizumab, a monoclonal antibody targeting alphavbeta3, in MM. Patients with MM and biopsiable tumor were treated with etaracizumab in 3 dose cohorts starting from 8 mg/kg. Tumor(More)
Bayesian experimental design for a clinical trial involves specifying a utility function that models the purpose of the trial, in this case the selection of patients for a diagnostic test. The best sample of patients is selected by maximizing expected utility. This optimization task poses difficulties due to a high-dimensional discrete design space and,(More)
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