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Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that handle Big Data might perform poorly or not according to the goals of their operator (in terms of costs, database utilization, data quality, energy-efficiency, throughput) if they are not configured properly. The latter configuration refers mainly to system parameters of the data-collecting gateways, e.g., polling(More)
The external stability risk factors heat and moisture are evaluated with respect to the development of pharmaceutical products intended to be marketed in tropical and subtropical countries. The mean daily temperatures and dewpoints measured four times per day at selected places in Southeast Asia, South America, China, Southern Africa and the Caribbean are(More)
Cloud-based platforms for handling Internet-of-Things data can reduce the energy consumption of various ICT modules (e.g., data centers, networking equipment, battery-equipped devices) by applying appropriate system configurations. However, this is currently prevented by the higher prioritization of other goals, the complexity or unawareness of the(More)
Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Electron Transport, Inhibitors, Naphthoquinones, Photosynthesis, Quenchers Halogenated naphthoquinones act as inhibitors o f photosynthetic electron flow. I50 concentra­ tion for inhibition of methylviologen reduction were found to range between 2 x 10-5 m to 2 x 10-6 M. Comparing their effects on several partial reactions of(More)
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