Manuel Zacklad

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Travaillant sur l'élaboration d'une méthodologie de développement de systèmes de médiation intégrés dans des systèmes coopératifs, nous avons proposé une architecture à 3 composants : le premier concerne la coopération, le second l'assistance et le troisième est relatif aux connaissances nécessaires aux 2 précédents. Dans cet article nous présentons plus(More)
Most current theories about collective cognitive activities in limited groups apply to structurally closed co-operative situations Here we propose to work in the framework of intellectual transactions and communities of action theory with a view to describing and designing CSCW systems which can be used in more structurally open situations. First we compare(More)
This paper presents the latest developments of the MADEIN'COOP method for modelling the man-machine and man-man cooperation process, and an application of this method for the design of a more cooperative version of the C 3 I system CHEOPS. We first consider that the design of software systems for organizations is tied more and more to the perspective of(More)
Information Seeking gives users a wider range of access methods when retrieving business items (e.g. projects, products, skills, people, deliverables …) using (intra-) Web applications. The Information Seeking approach we propose is based on the concept of the "Item", as defined in the Hypertopic model that we propose for mediating various(More)