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Abstract The Late Paleozoic to Triassic tectonics of northwestern South America have major implications for the understanding of Laurentia–Gondwana interactions that formed Pangea, and the origin of(More)
Abstract Mesozoic metamorphic units exposed along the northern margin of the South American plate record the different stages of subduction evolution or arc-continent collision between the margins of(More)
Los Esquistos de Santa Marta localizados en el segmento NW de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, en el Caribe Colombiano, corresponden a una secuencia metamorfica del Cretacico Superior con protolito(More)
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  • Analyses of composition and sedimentological attributes of conglomerate clasts together with petrographical and heavy mineral analyses and detrital geochronology from sandstones of the Oligocene(More)
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