Manuel Velasco

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Dopamine is a biogenic amine synthesized in the hypothalamus, in the arcuate nucleus, the caudad, and various areas of the central and peripheral nervous system. It has been widely established that dopamine and its agonists play an important role in cardiovascular, renal, hormonal, and central nervous system regulation through stimulation of alpha and beta(More)
Childhood obesity is a major worldwide health problem. Intervention programs to ameliorate the rate of obesity have been designed and implemented; yet the epidemic has no end near in sight. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) has become one of the most important key elements in energy control, appetite regulation, myogenesis, adipocyte differentiation, and(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of metabolic phenotypes during the construction of ROC curves for waist circumference (WC) cutpoint selection. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 1,902 subjects of both genders were selected from the Maracaibo City Metabolic Syndrome Prevalence Study database. Two-Step Cluster Analysis(More)
For many businesses and organizations, the achievement of interoperability has proven to be a highly desirable goal. However, without efficient schema mapping mechanisms or models that allow for the storage and management of information from several distinct systems, the goal of interoperability is impossible to attain. Due to the role of XML as a standard(More)
We have previously demonstrated that low dose of inhaled dopamine (0.5-2 microg kg(-1) min(-1)) induces broncodilatacion in patients with acute asthma attack, suggesting that this dopamine effect is mediated by dopaminergic rather than by adrenergic receptors. To understand better these dopamine effect, rat tracheal smooth muscle was used as a model to(More)