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Précis of Building Better Beings: A Theory of Moral Responsibility
The idea of moral responsibility is central to a wide range of our moral, social, and legal practices, and it underpins our basic notion of culpability. Yet the idea of moral responsibility is
Four Views on Free Will
Notes on Contributors. Acknowledgments. A Brief Introduction to Some Terms and Concepts. 1. Libertarianism ((Robert Kane). 2. Compatibilism (John Martin Fischer). 3. Hard Incompatibilism (Derk
The Trouble with Tracing
269 In this paper I argue that the widely relied upon idea of “tracing” in the theory of moral responsibility is considerably more problematic than has been previously acknowledged. The difficulty I
The Revisionist’s Guide to Responsibility
Revisionism in the theory of moral responsibility is the idea that some aspect of responsibility practices, attitudes, or concept is in need of revision. While the increased frequency of revisionist
Responsibility and the Aims of Theory: Strawson and Revisionism
:  Strawsonian approaches to responsibility, including more recent accounts such as Dennett's and Wallace’s, face a number of important objections. However, Strawsonian theories can be recast along
Revisionist Accounts of Free Will: Origins, Varieties, and Challenges
Revisionism about free will is the idea that free will is somewhat different than we suppose it to be. This approach has played an increasingly prominently role in theorizing about free will. This
On the Importance of History for Responsible Agency
In this article I propose a resolution to the history issue for responsible agency, given a moderate revisionist approach to responsibility. Roughly, moderate revisionism is the view that a plausible
Situationism and Moral Responsibility: Free Will in Fragments
This chapter considers the tenability of Reasons accounts in light of situationist social psychology and, to a lesser extent, the automaticity literature to advance a new account of responsible agency that accommodates a variety of worries about situationism and automaticity.