Manuel Stavridis

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Pluripotent embryonic stem cells can give rise to neuroectodermal derivatives in culture. This potential could be harnessed to generate neurons and glia for cell-replacement therapies in the central nervous system and for use in drug discovery. However, current methods of neural differentiation are empirical and relatively inefficient. Here, we review these(More)
Tilted-wave interferometry is a promising measurement technique for the highly accurate measurement of aspheres and freeform surfaces. However, the interferometric fringe evaluation of the sub-apertures causes unknown patch offsets, which currently prevent this measurement technique from providing absolute measurements. Simple strategies, such as(More)
Tilted-wave interferometry (TWI) is a novel optical measurement principle for the measurement of aspherical surfaces. For the reconstruction of the wavefront and the surface under test, respectively, perturbation methods are applied, which require the calculation of the Jacobian matrix. For the practical use of the instrument, a fast and exact calculation(More)
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