Manuel Sierra

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The access to libraries of molecules with interesting biomolecular properties is a limiting step in the drug discovery process. By virtue of a long molecular evolution process, natural products are recognized as biologically validated starting points in structural space for library development. We introduce here a strategy to generate natural product-like(More)
The HIV/AIDS epidemic along Honduras' north coast has intensified in recent years and become particularly severe in Garífuna communities. Based on a qualitative study in the community of Las Espinas and comparison with results from an earlier knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices survey, this article explores Garífuna ideas about the disease, focusing(More)
Andrimid, a known non-ribosomal pseudo-peptide antibiotic, was isolated from a psychrotolerant Serratia proteamaculans strain. The antibiotic peptide was produced at low temperature (8 °C) in a 7.5 l BIOFLO 101 bioreactor under batch culture mode. Andrimid activity from S. proteamaculans culture was only detected at 25 °C and below and potent antibacterial(More)
The homoisoflavanone 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy-3-(9-hydroxy-phenylmethyl)-chroman-4-one (1) and its structurally related 2',4',6'-trihydroxy-3'-methoxy-alpha-hydroxymethyl-beta-hydroxy-dihydrochalcone (2) along with the known pashanone (3), flavokawin B (4) and cardamonin or alpinetin chalcone (5) pinostrobin (6) and 5,8-dimethoxy-7-hydroxychroman-4-one (7)(More)
Schistosomiasis is caused by parasitic flatworms of the genus Schistosoma, and some snails, particularly of the genus Biomphalaria (Planorbidae), are directly implicated in the transmission of the disease. Continuing with our investigations of bioactive plant constituents, we evaluated and report in the present article, the molluscicidal effects of 16(More)
From an Argentine collection of Senecio santelisis Phil., the new furanoeremophilanoids, (10betaH)-6beta-acetoxy-1alpha-hydroxyfuranoeremophilan-9-one (1) and (10betaH)-1alpha-hydroxy-6beta-(propanoyloxy)furanoeremophilan-9-one (2), together with the known (10alphaH)-6beta-acetoxy-1alpha-hydroxyfuranoeremophilan-9-one (3),(More)