Manuel Serrano-Ruiz

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The new water soluble complexes [RuClCp(HPTA)2]Cl2·2H2O (2), [RuCp(DMSO-κS)(PTA)2]Cl (3), [RuCp(DMSO-κS)(PTA)2](OSO2CF3) (4) and [RuCp(DMSO-κS)(HPTA)2]Cl3·2H2O (5) have been synthesized and fully(More)
The sequential one-pot double dearomatization of bis(N-benzyl-P,P-diphenylphosphinamides) via anionic cyclization is described for the first time. Protonation and alkylation of the dearomatized(More)
The new water-soluble ligand dmPTA(OSO(2)CF(3))(2) (1) (dmPTA = N,N'-dimethyl-1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane) has been synthesized by reaction of PTA with MeOSO(2)CF(3) in acetone (PTA =(More)
The synthesis and characterization of three novel heterobimetallic derivatives of general formula [RuClCp(PPh₃)-μ-dmoPTA-1κP:2κ²N,N'-MCl₂] (M = Co (1), Ni (2) and Zn (3), dmoPTA =(More)