Manuel Schrader

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Species pairs whose distributions are tied to environmental conditions provide intriguing candidates for the study of ecological speciation. Here, we examine the role that adaptation to salinity has played in the divergence between two closely related species, Lucania goodei and Lucania parva, whose distributions reflect salinity (L. goodei- fresh water, L.(More)
(b) (a) (c) FIG. 1: (a) Potential energy surfaces of the charge transfer complex in a dimer representation. ET is from molecule i to molecule j. In the initial state, |I00⟩, both molecules are in their vibrational ground states. In the final state, |F l ′ m ′ ⟩, the neutral molecule i is in vibrational state l ′ , while the charged molecule j is in(More)
The endpoint region of the P-spectrum of tritium was remeasured by an electrostatic spectrometer with magnetic guiding field. It enabled the search for a rest mass of the electron-antineutrino with improved precision. The result is in: =-39 f 34,t,t f lSsysf (e ~ / c ~) ~ , from which an upper limit of m, < 7.2 ev/c2 may be derived. The experiment yields(More)
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