Manuel Sánchez-Marañón

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Biochemical properties are at present considered to be the best indicators for assessing soil quality, but their use is limited by the lack of available data, at least for certain ecosystems. In an attempt to offset this lack of data, the present study provides information on different biochemical properties of soils from Sierra Nevada and Sierra María(More)
Commercial talcs are pulverized mineral products with a variable chemical and mineralogic composition, widely used in industry. Although generally white, they have color variations. The aim of this study was to establish relationships between color parameters and the chemical and mineralogic composition of commercial talc samples, in order to investigate(More)
In Southern Spain, olive (Olea europaea L.) growing is an important part of the economy, especially in the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada. This work proposes the first stages of an Information and Decision-Support System (IDSS) for providing different types of users (farmers, agricultural engineers, public services, etc.) with information on olive(More)
A total of 21 raw, washed and ground Spanish kaolins were studied. Kaolinite, mica, quartz, feldspars and occasionally anatase and analcime were present. Calcined samples in which the kaolinite had been transformed into metakaolinite (650 8C, 3 h), as shown by X-ray diffraction and observed using SEM were also studied. These samples featured particles with(More)
Color-difference formulas modified by power functions provide results in better agreement with visually perceived color differences. Each of the modified color-difference formulas proposed here adds only one relevant parameter to the corresponding original color-difference formula. Results from 16 visual data sets and 11 color-difference formulas indicate(More)
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