Manuel Rodríguez-Gironés

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Recent signaling resolution models of parent-offspring conflict have provided an important framework for theoretical and empirical studies of communication and parental care. According to these models, signaling of need is stabilized by its cost. However, our computer simulations of the evolutionary dynamics of chick begging and parental investment show(More)
We investigated the relative contributions of perception and reference memory to behavioural variability in a temporal discrimination with human subjects. We used two temporal bisection tasks. In both tasks each trial consisted of a sequential presentation of three intervals, two standards, and a probe, and subjects were asked to judge the similarity of(More)
We study the dynamics of behavioral transitions when European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) experience stepwise changes in the value of a meaningful time interval. Subjects were primed to respond at a certain time T1. After extensive training, the primed time changed to a new value T2. In Experiment 1 subjects were reinforced on 40% of the trials and they(More)
In many species, young solicit food from their parents, which respond by feeding them. Because of the difference in genetic make-up between parents and their offspring and the consequent conflict, this interaction is often studied as a paradigm for the evolution of communication. Existent theoretical models demonstrate that chick signaling and parent(More)
First reliability investigations with HBV are presented using pulsed electrical stress. AlGaAs/GaAs material systems as well as InGaAs/InAlAs have been investigated and compared regarding degradation characteristics and mechanisms. Diffusion is proposed to be the responsible degradation mechanism.
—An automated system is developed to evaluate a large number Schottky diodes for terahertz applications with respect to their dc and noise characteristics using a highly sensitive noise measurement technique for one port devices. An extensive RF switching matrix allows noise characterization of one port devices at selected frequency points over a bandwidth(More)
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