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With the development of next-generation sequencing technologies, many large scale experimental efforts aim to map genotypic variability among individuals. This natural variability in populations fuels many fundamental biological processes, ranging from evolutionary adaptation and speciation to the spread of genetic diseases and drug resistance. An(More)
Apart from addressing humanity's growing demand for fuels, pharmaceuticals, plastics and other value added chemicals, metabolic engineering of microbes can serve as a powerful tool to address questions concerning the characteristics of cellular metabolism. Along these lines, we developed an in vivo metabolic strategy that conclusively identifies the product(More)
14 Allosteric regulation is found across all domains of life, yet we still lack simple, predictive theories that 15 directly link the experimentally tunable parameters of a system to its input-output response. To that end, 16 we present a general theory of allosteric transcriptional regulation using the Monod-Wyman-Changeux 17 model. We rigorously test this(More)
Allosteric molecules serve as regulators of cellular activity across all domains of life. We present a general theory of allosteric transcriptional regulation that permits quantitative predictions for how physiological responses are tuned to environmental stimuli. To test the model's predictive power, we apply it to the specific case of the ubiquitous(More)
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