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The Big Ten Student Suicide Study was undertaken from 1980-1990 to determine the suicide rates on Big Ten University campuses. The study design attempted to address many of the statistical and epidemiological flaws identified in previous studies of campus student suicides. The 10-year study collected demographic and correlational data on 261 suicides of(More)
The widely-used evaluation algorithms 1 for PIV recordings have some short comings, in that they introduce superfluous statistical and systematical errors. For example, they introduce the so-called " peak-locking " effect. These errors can be significantly reduced by using better algorithms. The following considerably improved analysis and algorithms will(More)
  • H Richard, M Raffel, M Rein, J Kompenhans, G E A Meier
  • 2000
A novel measurement technique based on the refractive index variation in a compressible flow field is presented. This concept is referred to as " Background Oriented Schlieren " (BOS) method in the following. The differences between BOS and other optical techniques which it can best be compared with, will be discussed. Already the first results illustrate(More)
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