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Introduction Many activities which in the past have required physical presence and direct interaction among participants can be performed in a distributed fashion with the help of advanced information technologies such as, CSCW [1,2] (Computer Supported Cooperative Work), interactive multimedia services and broadband communications. Technologies aiming at(More)
In the present study, substance P receptor binding was localized in the dorsal column nuclei (DCN) of the rat, cat, monkey, and human. Bolton-Hunter-labeled [125I]substance P binding was most concentrated in the cell nests of the core region, but was present throughout the DCN of each species. The distribution of substance P receptors may reconcile apparent(More)
This paper decribes experience of usage of the ISABEL application as well as the basic elements and functionality of the application. ISABEL is a configurable CSCW application which has been conceived with a toolbox approach such that it can be taylored to the requirements of different application domains with a small effort. ISABEL supports N to N(More)
This paper describes the use of ISABEL in an heterogeneous network context where different QoSs are used to connect different participants in a real-time interactive collaboration based on videoconferencing. As ISABEL uses TCP-UDP/IP to interconnect different network technologies and no QoS control exists, a QoS adaptation function has been added: the(More)
The first pan-European harmonized active epidemiological surveillance program on honeybee colony mortality (EPILOBEE) was set up across 17 European Member States to estimate honeybee colony mortality over winter and during the beekeeping season. In nine Member States, overwinter losses were higher and statistically different from the empirical level of 10 %(More)
ISABEL application provides a platform for the development of customised collaboration services. One extreme case is the organization of Global Distributed Conferences, with presentations and attendances located in rooms at different sites. It builds its own intercommunication network for providing a uniform Quality of Services through the variety of(More)
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